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About Itello

The company has offices in Rygge, Stavanger, Bergen and in Oslo. The company sold for 392 million in 2018 and has a solid economy with AAA rating.
All shareholders work in the company.

The company mainly supplies hardware, software, operating services, service agreements and cutting-edge expertise within Microsoft, Citrix, computer room and web.

We want to be perceived as a serious, predictable and reliable competence provider. Our business concept is based on personal follow-up, availability and good service at the right price.

Our market focus is mainly on large and medium-sized companies in the private and public sectors.

Why choose Itello?

- Dedicated customer contacts with long experience.
- A contact point for all inquiries.
- Effective logistics tools.
- Agreements with the most important manufacturers / distributors in the market.

Itello doesn't aim to be the biggest, but wants to build a healthy business through sound financial growth and continuous development of our biggest assets, the people who work here with us.

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