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Privacy Policy

Frontpage / Privacy Policy

1. Personal information 

We do not share personal information that you provide to anyone outside our company, and we only ask for personal information in connection with a purchase. The information you provide is only used in connection with the order. When you disclose personal information, such as address, telephone number, credit card, etc. to an internet store, you should always make sure that the page you are on is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layers; a standard for encryption of information) this is displayed with a picture of a lock at the bottom edge of the browser

2. Cookies

We use cookies to store information that you use while visiting our pages. We do not store personal information in cookies, and personal information is not available on our pages using cookies. We do not use cookies to keep statistics about your internet usage, and we do not allow others to use our cookies for similar.

3. E-mail addresses 

Your email address will be used for usernames to access your account. We do our best to prevent you from receiving unwanted emails. When you set up an account with us you can choose not to be included in any email lists (newsletters etc.) and you can delete yourself from these lists at any time. Under no circumstances, without your consent, will we sell or disclose your email address to others.

4. Information collected by others

We do not allow anyone else to collect information during your visit to our site.

5. Information collected by us

In order to provide better service, we store information about page matches and account usage. We do not share this statistic with others

6. Inappropriate information, content for children

We do our best to prevent inappropriate information from appearing on our pages. We respect other people and their opinions, but reserve the right to moderate messages in online forums and so on to make our pages acceptable to everyone. None of our pages are aimed at children, and none of the pages are offensive to children.

7. How do we safeguard your security online?

We use encrypted communication for all transmission of sensitive data. This means that the entire ordering process, from entering your email address (either as a new or existing customer), until you receive an order number, takes place so that if someone "intercepted" the line it would take them many years to crack the code. The encryption used is the strongest that is recommended and generally available today (128-bit). Note that some older browsers can only handle low encryption (40-bit). 40-bit is easier to crack than 128-bit, but we still talk about a hacker for years, and then it costs more than it tastes. To check if the browser uses high or low encryption, you can move the mouse pointer over the lock in the status bar at the bottom of the browser.

When you go from the shopping cart to the checkout, you will see a lock in the status bar of your browser. You can click on this lock to see information about the certificate and who issued it. None of the pages in the ordering process are available without this lock appearing in the browser status bar.

8. Person / Credit card number

We do not store social security numbers if required, we only use it for encrypted check with credit information provider during order to confirm credit level. If you pay by bank / credit card, we store the number, but this number is only available over encrypted communication even for administrative purposes.

9. Resale / Dissemination of information

The information you provide when ordering is for us only. We will never pass on personal data to third parties without your consent, unless we are required to do so by law.

10. Our guidelines

The current security guidelines, as well as general sales and delivery terms, and contact information, are available at any time through links from the main page. If you have any questions, please use the contact information to get in touch with us.