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Terms and conditions for Advania Norge AS

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These terms of sale and delivery apply to all sales from Advania Norge AS, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. 


Advania Norge AS sells only to companies and the public sector. Company certificates and latest financial statements may be required by new customers. Advania Norge AS will carry out a credit assessment and reserves the right to reject or limit orders if delivery is not considered reasonable. 


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Sales deposit - property rights

Advania Norge AS retains ownership of the goods until the entire purchase price has been paid with the addition of costs and interest i.h.t. the Act on sales mortgages, cf. section 3-14 of the Mortgage Act.

Product information

All products and data contained in Advania Norge AS's product information material and price lists can be changed / adjusted without special notice. Customers will be notified of any changes that have been made to goods already ordered.


All prices and amounts are stated exclusive of shipping and VAT. Prices will change if there are changes in the suppliers' prices, changes in exchange rates, tariffs or fees. No quotation from Advania Norge AS is valid for a period of more than 7-seven days, unless otherwise agreed. The offer is only made when the seller confirms the order by telephone, order confirmation, letter or invoice. 

Advania receives continuous information on prices from our suppliers digitally. We reserve the right to subsequently change prices as errors due to price updates from external systems are displayed with incorrect customer prices at shop.itello.no and eshop.advania.no.


Ordering and payment

Ordering can be done on web-shop, e-mail or telephone. We normally offer 15 days credit. For the public sector and listed companies, 30 days credit can be given. Businesses and other traders can be granted up to 15 days credit after credit rating. We also offer EHF invoicing. We reserve the right to refuse a credit application without further explanation. Individual companies and NUF must prepay before delivery takes place

Delivery and risk transition

All orders for products available in stock are executed promptly. All deliveries of ordered goods are sent directly from our distributors to the company's delivery address. This will be done in the most appropriate way, either via Posten, courier car or other means of transport. Deliveries can be made from several distributors and will be effected and invoiced on an ongoing basis. Advania Norge AS is not responsible for delivering products that have expired or are not in stock. In such a case, as soon as we have knowledge of it, we will convey this to the buyer. Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, the risk of damage to the customer passes when the goods are delivered to the carrier. This is considered delivery. The goods cannot be collected from Advania Norge AS.


The warranty is limited to the warranty period of the various manufacturers. The warranty does not cover defects or defects arising from the Buyer's incorrect use of the goods. The warranty also does not apply to consequential damages inflicted on the buyer in the event of any defects in the goods delivered. Repair is only covered when the item is returned under standard return conditions.

Missing on delivery

In the event of defects in the goods sold that existed at the time of delivery and which are not due to the buyer or circumstances on his part, Advania Norge AS has unconditional right, at its own expense, to rectify the defect or to deliver. After delivery, the customer shall, as soon as possible, carry out an examination of the goods delivered. Any deficiencies must be claimed within eight (8) business days of delivery. When Advania Norge AS makes a correction or redelivery, the buyer cannot assert any further breach of authority.


In the event of any complaint or request for a replacement of incorrectly ordered goods, the customer must first contact Advania Norges AS's customer service. In the event of a return, the customer is obliged to adhere to Advania Norge AS's special return conditions which apply together with general sales conditions. It is emphasized that any expenses for shipping etc. in connection with the complaint or return must be covered by the customer. Complaints about defects and deficiencies must be made without undue delay.

Damage on the item during transport

In the case of goods receipt, the customer recipient must examine delivered products for damage. Please note that visible damage must be taken directly with the driver upon receipt of goods and noted on the driver's hand terminal / consignment note before signing. If it is clear that the product is damaged inside the packaging, do not sign for receipt of the goods and ask the carrier to return the product. We ask that such cases are also reported to salg@itello.no so that we can arrange for a replacement to be sent out. 

Hidden transport damage that is not detected or should have been discovered at delivery must be reported as soon as possible according to the conditions and within one week of receipt. After the complaint deadline, the customer loses the right to complaint against the carrier and Advania Norge AS.

In case of transport damage, the following must be done:

- Receiver notices damage to driver's hand terminal \ shipping letter.
- Secure documentation in the form of pictures of packaging and goods.
Store goods and packaging until the matter is settled.



Ordered goods that are not picked up and which are returned without agreement and goods without errors or defects, which are nevertheless wanted to be returned, will be charged to the recipient with a minimum of 25% of the goods price on the return day. Non-stocked goods are not returned and will be invoiced to the customer in full upon any return that has not been agreed in writing. Goods delivered in agreed quantity and workmanship will only be returned after approval in accordance with our separate return conditions.

Return shipments must be undamaged in unbroken original packaging.



Advania Norge AS disclaims liability for direct or indirect financial losses as a result of defective or delayed delivery. However, this does not apply in cases where Advania Norge AS has intentionally or grossly negligent caused the breach. In such cases, however, the liability shall be limited to the invoice value of the defective / delayed product. Advania AS has no responsibility for financial losses incurred by the buyer such as lost profits, expected savings, loss of income, loss of reputation or other indirect damage, although Advania AS is made aware of the possibility that such damage may occur. Should Advania Norge AS be liable for damages in accordance with the legislation, the amount of the damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the product concerned.

Product liability 

If the goods sold cause damage to a person or thing, and this is because it does not offer the security that the user or the public could reasonably expect, Advania Norge AS is liable to the extent such liability pursuant to the Act of December 23, 1988, no. 104. about product liability. Other consequential damages are not recoverable.

Force major

Is Advania Norge AS prevented from delivering or making a mandatory delivery or is such a duty of delivery unreasonably burdensome as a result of labor conflict or any other circumstance when the parties cannot control it, such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military calls of similar scope, requisition, seizures, currency restrictions, riots and riots, scarcity of means of transport, general scarcity of goods, restriction on the supply of power, and deficiencies or delays in deliveries from subcontractors or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances referred to in this paragraph are Advania Norge AS exempt from any liability other than in cases of complaint to credit it to the defective item's associated purchase price.

Disputes and Law elections 

Disputes on the terms and conditions and related provisions, as well as disputes relating thereto in the said and where of the following legal matters fall under the ordinary courts, with the Oslo City Court as venue. All legal issues arising shall be assessed in accordance with Norwegian law, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.